I find myself drawn to this project which involves people who are disadvantaged by a transphobic society. Generally, my projects are about people whose lives are complex and are challenged by physical, social, mental, or political disadvantages. I try to reveal the dignity, humanity and courage of people who many don’t think about in their daily lives. For transgender individuals, the time before, during and after physical transformation comes with many challenges. Even after they have made their transition and discovered more comfort in their self- expression and identity, transgender individuals still experience alarmingly high rates of violence, assault, abuse, and discrimination. According to the U.S. Office for Victims of Crime, it is estimated that 50% of transgender individuals are assaulted at some point in their lives. My goal is to chisel through these statistics and show the humanity behind them. Transgender individuals go through a unique process of self-realization, but they are regular people who face the same challenges, fears, and ambitions as cisgender individuals. Still, there is disconnect in society when it comes to empathizing with transgender people. I am grateful to all the people who opened their homes, their lives and their hearts to me and my camera.